kim kardashian true reflection perfume review photos notes scentkim kardashian true reflection perfume review photos notes scent
Kim Kardashian True Reflection: Debenhams (£30 for 50mls and £40 for 100mls)

 I did a sort of review of the Kim Kardashian launch a few hours ago but I thought I'd separate the two. Although I think the people that will be buying the Kim Kardashian Perfume would probably be her fans anyway and would appreciate the post… Anyway on to the actual perfume. True Reflection has notes of citrusy bergamot and succulent peach, infused with smooth coconut noir, night blooming gardenia, and decadent chocolate orchid entwined with the rich patchouli, plum, musk and warm woods. Can you tell I copied and pasted those notes? Well when I smell it I think it smells kinda fruity but sensual, I can sort of make out the bergamot notes as well as the pachouli and I can strangely make out the chocolately scent too. True reflection also smells very patchouli-y which is strange as I don't think Patchouli is one of those scents that everyone likes. It smells very "sexy" and deep which to be fair is what I'd expect from a Kim Kardashian Perfume. As far as celebrity perfumes go I do think its pretty average. It smells nice and is actually wearable but its not really something I'd personally go for as its a bit too musky. The price really shocked me when I saw it because I always think that celebrity perfumes are generally lower priced to appeal to the masses. But I did some research on this and their manufacturer sounds quite legit So I'd be included think their is alot better quality compared to other ones I've tried. This is probably one of those perfumes for a big Kardashian Fan rather than a contender for perfume of the year!.