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Hilarious emails from my Mum, Mouth Ulcers, Lush baths, Reunited with my favourite eyeliner! Fashionista Gel Liner, My usual Sunday Outfit, Face, Yo Sushi Hairy Prawns, Weird Toilets in Yo Sushi! I only used the flush function for the record! Fanta Zero Lemon, Glitter Nail Combo's, Troll Face from Emma, PJOTN, Still burning Christmas scents, Love the weather,  Mojito, and another Mojito, MintBerry, Glamorous Press day, Office Press day (coming soon!), An outfit I wore one day, Crown, I drink more water from a bottle, Raspberries, Gifts from Jo Hansford Salon, MY CROWN! Southbank, Somerset House, Next Press day snacks, Me on the red carpet, Breakfast Club, Cupcakes, Salad and Chips, Me and a Leopard Print Beetle! Lights at the Forever 21 Press Day, Under a pile of summer clothes, Vom-tastic tee's in Select!