jo hansford great british blow dry kate middleton
Disclaimer: This was a PR event.

A few nights ago I was invited along to the Jo Hansford salon in May Fair to test out my lack of hair skills and attempt a few Royal Inspired looks. We were shown how to do all the hair styles and then were asked to take part in a competition, whoever got the most voted for their hair style won a tiara. Inititally I wanted to try the Kate Middleton Blow Dry. What I would give for that look of effortless middle-class locks! However I can't blow dry my hair to save my life despite having a excellent tutor to help me along the way. I just couldn't master it! I've got the basic movement of how to blow dry my hair down and some excellent help from my stylist, I just need to keep practicing! It's all about getting the ends tucked in the brush and a lot of heat in the correct areas.

As I was getting nowhere fast, I decided to have a go at another style inspired by Princess Eugenie, but put my own "LLYMLRS" spin on it. I can't do sleek, sophisticated hair at all! The up-do is basically a poofed up beehive bit and then the rest pinned into a bun. I hardly ever wear my hair up because I'm not really a fan of how I look with it up. I find it odd having hair off my face when Im so used to having it down. However the style was achievable in the end after alot of tips and hints from my stylist Nicole. The main thing I learned from trying this hair style was backcombing the poof section, Nicole advised the best way to roll the hair into a beehive is to roll it forwards. Rather than backwards and then secure with pins rather than kirby grips! I think my final hair do got a mix between my hair icon Bridgitte Bardot and Princess Eugenie!
The Great British Blow Dry is exclusive to Jo Hansford salons. Great British Blow dry comes in three styles The Duchess (Inspired by Kate Middleton), The Royal High Nest (Inspired by Princess Eugenie) and The Royal Rebel Roll. The price includes hair wash, The Great British Blow Dry and a manicure.  Each session includes refreshments of Pimms and scones or London themed biscuits and English tea, all adding to proper British Experience! TheApprox 1hr bookings. To book and appointment call Jo Hansford on 020 74957774 £100.