001. It's been a good week! I've had so much fun and next week is going to be just as good. I've got tons of press days to go to and Im also meeting Kim Kardashian at her perfume launch! (ETA: Im not literally meeting her, I'm going to her perfume launch and Im sure they'll be a photo op which no doubt i'll look terrible in) I've said before but celebrities don't really phase me, but I think Kim is a mega babe so I'm looking forward to it! Cant wait to show you all the coverage! I've also got some stuff to share that I've been working on recently which should be good too!

002. My ebay stuff is currently up on my ebay account (etcllymlrs). I don't trade under and other name so anyone who is using my pictures isn't me! Im well aware people use my photos all the time to sell stuff but although I've chased it up with ebay and the sellers most of the time they won't remove the photos. I do have tons of stuff to add, which I was supposed to do today but I've just been bed reading ASOIAF and slobbing in my PJ's! I keep getting requests to sell items I wear a lot or for items that I've been gifted neither of which Im willing to sell. I don't mind being asked to sell stuff but most of the stuff I'm looking to sell is stuff I've not worn in at least a year!

003. There has been such a good reaction to the video that I made earlier in the week. It wasn't as bad as I imagined to be honest! So maybe I'll do another in the future. Sometimes its easier to talk about things rather than type out stuff! Although the whole "youtube guru" culture makes me feel a bit uncomfortable hence why Im very reluctant to do it properly!

004. Last few days to enter my Filofax Giveaway!