Origins Clear Improvement Mask: Origins/Debenhams (£19)

Origins Clear Improvement is a charcoal based mask that claims to draw out all the impurities from clogged pores. The Active Charcoal in the mask is supposed to suck out all the impurities from under the skin and bring them to the surface. Living in London has made my blackheads a lot worse with all the pollution and dirt in the air, so I needed something that draws out all the dirt from under the skin. I naturally went with Origins as most of my skincare is actually from there. They recommended the Origins Clear Improvement Mask to be used after exfoliation and after I've opened up all my pores with a hot flannel.

I've been using this once a week to try and clear up some of my more congested areas like my nose and my chin. I try not to use it too much all over my face as I don't really need it on the outer parts of my face. Like the other Origins products I use I feel like this actually works. It's not one of those instant gratification products, it doesn't completely change your skin after one use. But I've used it once or twice a week for four weeks now and I have noticed my problem areas look a little better. Nothing drastic but I don't really expect anything to completely clear my skin out! A good product but I wouldn't say its essential or a skin saving skin product. I think I prefer the other Origins Mask for active breakouts, and this one is more about purifying the skin and trying to draw out the yuckiness that lurks beneath!

Skincare Disclaimer: I personally think skincare is incredibly subjective. I'd never run out and get something on the suggestion of one person. What works for me, may not work for you. I personally don't feel comfortable recommending skincare products, so all reviews are based on my own experiences with the product mentioned. Remember to look up other reviews and make sure you reference the reviewers skin type. My skin is Oily-Combination. I don't tend to get breakouts, but when I do they are on my chin. Also, cutting out dairy from my diet has also improved my skin of late.