I don't know how aware people are of the brand Glamorous. Its a online brand based in the north which sell a variety of on trend pieces. I went along to their Autumn Winter press day to have a look at their upcoming collections. They have a really lovely selection of shirts, jumpers, dresses (both going out and day). Alot of the key trends that I saw at other press days were coming through with the collared embellished shirts, the sequins and the mixture of highly decorated pieces. I really loved their jumpers and their blouses which would look really cool layered with each other. The highly sequinned going out dresses were really gorgeous, I forgot to take a photo of them but they had some amazing harlequin hot pants that I loved! Also something else I forgot to take a snap off was this sheer embellished top maxi dress which would look so cool layered over a body.

They also had some proper disco pant dupes. Alot of people think Disco pants are shiny leggings (like these you can get on ebay) and they aren't. Disco pants are like actual trousers and don't have a elasticated waistband. But they had some thick, shiney hot pants and leggings which I think are the best Disco Pants dupes I've ever seen. They aren't as thick as the AA ones, which could make them a bit easier to wear as I find the AA disco pants a bit stiff! But nonetheless they are a really good inspired pair of trousers! No idea about the price but Im sure they will be less than the originals.

Glamorous's price range is around £20-£70 which is very reasonable I think! Id put it in the same sort of range as Missguided or Boohoo. Really looking forward to seeing more from this brand though!
All the items are NOT in store yet as this is the Autumn Winter 2012 preview, Some items might not make it into the store as all items photographed are samples. I presume things will start rolling out from the end of August. They will be amiable from the Glamorous online store.