001. Today I spent my Sunday like I most weeks, chilling and eating. We went to Wimbledon for a trip to Wagamamas (Chicken Katsu ftw!) and apparently there's a Dominos Pizza on the cards for tonight too. Went out to a few bars last night and actually had a really awesome night. This is a photo of what I wore that night. People always ask about my night out outfits, I do frequently post them on twitter or instagram (its @llymlrs if it wasn't obvious!) but I never have time to post them on here before I go out.

002. I love neon at the moment, I'm so tempted to buy the highlighter yellow version of my Topshop jumper that I wore in the Filofax Blogger Style off. I think I prefer the neon "trend" (I hate the word trend or anything that refers to anything being "in fashion") to the pastels one. I was actually really worried when I was going to all the S/S 2012 press days and seeing all this garish bright stuff. But now I can't get enough of it! I love colour pops rather than full on neon outfits! Especially my beloved Models Own Hedonist for my nails! Some more neon treats I've got my eye on is the American Apparel Neon Nail Polishes, this River Island lime crop top & this gorgeous bright blue blazer!

003. My giveaway for the Zara bag is still on! You can enter it here! The Rafflecopter entry form has gone down really well and Im very happy with how its gone! Im going to be doing a few more giveaways in the future! Possibly bi-weekly ones so that its not too much overkill!

004. 24 hour flash sale for the Five ring mixes on JWLRY! Five for £5! So that means it's £7.50 (Including p&p in the UK!) So its a real bargain! Im going to have to adjust some of the postage prices over the next few days now that the Royal Mail prices have shot up. I think the small rings will probably stay the same price but the five mixes might go up slightly. Overseas orders are going to suffer the most unfortunately! I will keep you informed of the goings on though!