001. Yesterday I went to the Natural History Museum, I've been a fair few times before but my flatmate hadn't been so I decided to go along too. I was going to go to the British Design exhibition at the V&A but we couldn't go in the end. Im hoping to go at some point before it closes as it really looks awesome. I've lived in London about three months now and this is the first "cultural thing" I've actually done! Shame on me!

002. It's my Birthday on Friday! Im supposed going home at some point during this time (haven't I been saying that for weeks now?), but I still haven't decided when Im actually going, much to my parents dismay! Im so busy this week with meetings and potentially exciting stuff so I've had to photograph all my outfits in advance for next week. I never ever done that before so it was so weird actually changing into loads of outfits ready for the week. I am really looking forward to next week as there is some really exciting and inspiring stuff going on. It's not really blog related so most people won't be interested but Im not talking about it properly until its confirmed!

003. I spent this morning catching up on my favourite TV shows. I think Sunday mornings are all about catching up on TV! As always, if you have any recommendations for series I could get into then leave them in the comments. Im such a TV addict, I always need background noise when Im doing something! I hate silence when I'm on the computer or doing stuff!

004. I bought some new makeup storage after seeing Lily mention that she got a drawer system from Ikea. My stuff is currently sitting in loads of old glossy boxes and an old wooden storage chest I got before my collection really started to expand. I love storage and Im such a homeware nerd! Oh and after last week's recommendations plea for bedding I went with the Urban Outfitters recommendation and bought the Alice and Wonderland Pillow cases (now sold out!) and Im going to get a white duvet cover (with a black under sheet, so I don't get fake tan all over it!).

 005. Free Shipping at JWLRY using the code "freeshipping"! Only one code per order!