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Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner: Boots/Superdrug (£6.49)*

Personally, Im not one to talk negatively about a product, If I think somethings bad I simply won't give it the coverage on my blog rather than trash an item completely. Then again I do think there are those times when a product disappoints you so much you just have to say something about it because it was just that bad. So hey! Here goes… the Rimmel Waterproof Gel eyeliner is possibly the worst gel liner I've ever used.

Its greasy, slick and takes what feels like forever to dry down. To me a good gel eyeliner should be a true black, good staying power, pigmented and quick drying with either a shiney or a matte finish. At first the application was so patchy I didnt actually think I'd be able to get a constant line along my upper lashes. I ended up having to dot it on rather than a swipe. Once applied the Rimmel Gel liner felt tacky so I left it for a few seconds to dry down before opening my eye. As soon as I opened my eye it transferred onto my lid and it looked terrible and ruined my eye makeup. To test it I decided to wait to see how long it would take to actually dry and I was looking at 10+ minutes and it was still a touch too wet. It came straight off and I used a different liner while the product headed straight for the bin. Considering I do my makeup in about 10 minutes normally waiting that long for my liner was a complete no-no.

The thing is the gel liner itself looks like it would be lovely pigmented black colour, In the pot and swatched it looks like it will be a shiny true black with a slightly shiny finish. But this isn't how it is, There is something about the formula that just isn't right. The product feels like a gel, where as I think most "gel liners" have a more creamy constancy than a gel one. Paired with the brush that is concealed in the lid of the product, I feel like it just sticks to the end of the brush rather than actually apply to the skin. I had a inkling the brush is applying way too much product hence why it's taking forever to dry, but then I tried using a normal liner brush (Sigma E05) but it still didn't apply as I expected it to. The brush that comes with the product is really stiff and pointy, and I also thing little to short to actually use comfortably. I personally think if Rimmel want to include a brush with their gel liner that it should apply the product well.

Overall I just think its a naff product and to be honest if I'd bought this product I'd have been highly disappointed. I can't believe they actually released something like this as its by far the worst drugstore eyeliner I've ever tried. I have no idea if it is actually waterproof as I couldn't even wear it long enough to test it out! As far as drugstore gel eyeliners I'd highly reccomend the Fashionista Gel Eyeliner which is actually one of my favourite liners I've ever tried.

I don't normally leave open ended questions on my blog posts but has anyone actually tried this? I'd love to know other peoples thoughts on it!