Models Own Balearic Cool nail polish swatch photo reviewModels Own Balearic Cool nail polish swatch photo review
Models Own Balearic Cool: Boots/Models Own (£5)

One day I will stop banging on about how much I like the Models Own x Hed Kandi collaboration, but for now you'll just have the put up with it! The next big love in my collection is Models Own Balearic Cool. Balearic Cool is a bright, light fresh turquoise blue colour. I wouldn't say it's a neon blue, its very bright but compared to Hedonist and Beach Party in the collection is not as neon.

Out of all the Models Own nail polishes I've tried in the past this has to be the worst one formula wise. The formula is very thin and watery, which is a strange as I've never really experienced another Models Own polish to be like this (trust me, I have alot!) To get true opacity I did three coats, then another coat the day after as I still felt it was a bit patchy. I don't know if its intended to be sheerer or not, but Id presume it would be a full coverage cream finish like the majority of colours in the Models Own Range.

Despite the bit of extra effort you need to put in to make this polish work, I adore the colour and I do like the final result. I don't have many blue polishes in my collection, I have a few old blues from Barry M which don't even compare to this one. I love the freshness and the coolness it gives to my nails, its perfect for summer!