Caudalie Vinosourse SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum, Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Lip Liner,
 Monu Professional Skincare Hand and Nail Cream, Figs and Rouge Lip Balm, Phillip B Styling Gel
Glossy Box (£12.50)*
My April 2012 Glossy Box came through yesterday, It feels like ages since I got the infamous Harrods one so was quite exciting when it did come in the post. The novelty of beauty boxes has worn off for me now and Im a bit nonchalant when it comes to getting them. But, for a change I was pretty happy when I saw who the package was from. The theme for the April Glossy Box is "The Natural Box". Its nice to see another themed box. I do think these go down well and give a bit more consistency to the sampling scene.

Caudalie Serum looks good and I've used it a few times since I got this box. I love most of the Caudalie products I've tried in the past and my skin has felt dryer in the evenings  recently so the ultra hydrating properties are much needed. I got the Inika Comsetics lip liner in a shimmery reddish colour, I can't see a colour name but I may be missing it! It's not to my personal taste and I don't like lipliners but it seems like a OK product, The Monu hand and nail cream will, like most hand creams in these sorts of boxes, might be badly received. I'm not a hand cream fan, but I'll just pass it on. I already have this Figs and Rouge lip balm which I didn't really like in the first place, so again thats going to be passed on to someone I know. The Phillip B styling gel is another product I probably won't use, the idea of a gel on my long hair doesn't sit well with me. All I can think of is really slicked back greased up hair!

Overall, I really didn't get blown away by the box. I don't know if all the contents in the box are the same for all subscribers, they typically vary quite a bit from Glossy Box. For a Eco box I didn't really see the theme coming through that strongly with the products. I felt it could have been pushed in another direction, different brands, or at least had more focus on organic and natural stuff. Nothing to me screamed natural or organic, despite the products being natural... I just can't explain what I mean really! They just aren't the things that spring to mind when someone says natural or organic. As far as Im aware the styling gel isn't eco, It feels like it was just thrown in there as a extra. The biodegradable box is a nice touch, but I still just think its all wastage at the end of the day. Are their other boxes not recyclable? I think as a company that obviously has a fair few subscribers they should have a bit more of a responsibility to keeping things as green as they can and having fully recyclable boxes. I do reuse my Glossy Boxes but I think there is so much wasted packaging!

I know it's Glossy Boxes 1 year anniversary box next month and Im sure they will be promising big things! But I don't know how I really feel about these sorts of boxes in the long term. Im still on the fence if they are worth it or not! I will write another post on my feelings soon!