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benefit erase paste: asos (£22.50)

Benefit Erase Paste is one of those products that I've been wanting to try for years. I saw it on ASOS one day and though I may as well FINALLY try it! I've seen various reviews over the years and I know Emma uses it so I thought whats the harm in trying it out, you only live once right?

I do like Erase Paste, However I found that not the kind of product thats slap on and go. I think it needs a bit of work, you need to pat it onto the skin rather than blend it in with a brush. It has a strange texture, more wet and gel like than other concealers I've tried before. The coverage is adequate, I still see some of my dark circles peeking through. I like that is has the peachy tone to it because it does neutralizes my under eye darkness, but overall I dont think its that luminising or brightening and the coverage isn't impeccable. I found it creased on me if I didn't set it properly with a powder, so I think it might be more suited for dryer skin where as mine is oily. The packaging is really cute and Im sure would appeal to most people, It comes with the most useless little scooper thing to get the product out. Its so useless I don't really understand why they included it!

Like a fair few Benefit products, I think this is incredibly over priced. It's OK, and I don't think something worth £23 should just be OK. I'm personally don't think its worth the money when there are conecealers much cheaper that can do the same, if not better job. I wouldnt purchase it again as I much prefer Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer or even the super cheap Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer!