shirt: asos
leather leggings (unseen): H&M
jacket: primark
rings: JWLRY
bracelet: ginger pickle*

Lily, Step away from the printed shirts... Seriously I need to stop. I find them so tempting at the moment I can't resist buying them! This Zodiac one from ASOS caught my eye as I thought it was really different and unique. Plus it's not see through which is my pet hate when it comes to shirts! Although yesterdays shirt was the exception to the rule! I know I seem to wear the same stuff at the moment and Im well aware it's boring a lot of people but I think Ive gone into a unintentional style rut that unfortunately I quite like! I think I always seem to go through little phases of liking specific things before moving onto the next obsession!

A massive restock of JWLRY has come in so there is free WORLDWIDE shipping for the next week! The discount should be taken off at the checkout automatically, but if there are any problems let me know! The usual deals are on three of the small rings for £8 and for the next week you can get 5 small rings for £12 handpicked by yourself, using the code "5MIX". Just add 5 rings to the basket and apply the code and it should discount it appropriately! The random five for £10 deal is also back with a variety of large and small stoned rings. Let me know if there are any problems, Big Cartel is a bit glitchy at the moment!