snaps from last night & our road trip!

001. Just stepped through the door from my night out in Cardiff so I thought I best type up a Sunday post before I hit the Z's. Words cannot describe how terrible I felt this morning but the drive back to London surprisingly made me feel a lot better. That and the fact we stopped for a Toby Carvery and I ate about 10000 parsnips! Cardiff is always a good night out but last night was just one of those nights that has the perfect atmosphere because of them winning the Grand Slam!

002. My Mums coming to stay tomorrow! So should be a nice few days with her. Haven't decided what we are doing yet as she only decided to come last minuite. If you have any suggestions of Mum-sy stuff to do in London then feel free to leave it in comments! I don't know where to take her for food either, I don't think any of my regular food haunts (The Diner, Vapianos, Wahaca) will suit her!

003. My spending diet is going really well too, I haven't bought any new clothes or makeup this week which is a absolute shocker for me! I really want to get some of the new Maybelline Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow things that have just launched over here in the UK so I bet thats going to be my downfall this week! Things that are hyped in the blogasphere are always my downfall!

004. All the JWLRY orders over the weekend will be shipped tomorrow or Tuesday!