john frieda full repair shampoo conditioner review swatch photojohn frieda full repair shampoo conditioner review swatch photojohn frieda full repair shampoo conditioner review swatch photo
john frieda full repair shampoo and conditioner: boots/superdrug (£5.69 each) *

In my eyes, Shampoo and Conditioner fall into two categories. The ones I like, and the one I don't like. Im not really big on hair products, I am trying to improve my hair care routine but it really doesn't appeal to me that much. To briefly explain my history with hair washing products, Im not brand loyal in the slightest. I tend to buy whatever is on offer in Boots or Superdrug, ones that are fragrance free (Im allergic to most highly scented hair products, especially Herbal Essences) and where possible volumizing ones. Also I despite having dryer ends don't generally use Conditioner. This is mainly because it weighs my fine hair down and I use Morroccan Oil or treatments to give my the hair moisture.

I really like the smell of the John Frieda Shampoo and Conditoner duo, its fresh and light. Im not allergic to it either, which is always a plus side! The product comes in bright red packaging and although I was skeptical about the squeeze tubes at first, they are really easy to use and perfect for the shower. The John Fredia Full Repair Shampoo is light and it really feels really clarifying and my hair is left really clean and soft. I've recently been testing a lot of products on my hair which can build up if I don't use a good shampoo to get rid of the build up. Like I said before I don't tend to use Conditioner, However the John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner is incredibly lightweight and I find it doesn't weigh my hair down at all. I have quite dry ends (thanks Ombre!) then the rest of my hair is normal but I have fine hair so products can leave it looking greasy if I use too much. I actually really enjoyed trying out the Full Repair Conditioner and I would probably buy it again.

I think if you have dry or damaged hair then the John Frieda Full Repair range is for you. It might be too much for people with oiler to normal hair. Its very lightweight range even though its moisturising which means its great for dryer/damaged hair. With mine being a mix of the two I found it perfect mix of moisturising without being too heavy. I can see myself purchasing this again as I've really enjoyed trying them out.