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1-2-3 (brushed out)
2-2-3 & 1-2-3
Enrapture Encode Totem Styler: Boots, Argos, Debenhams (retails for £79.99)*

I've been considering the opening of this review for ages. I couldn't think of any other way to start apart from just saying HJHAGDHJGAHGJA BEST TOOL EVA! The Enrapture Encode Totem Styler, Its hands down its the best hair tool I've ever owned. It does everything I'd have wanted a curling tool to do. I can achieve variety of different curl sizes and styles with just one curling iron. Its been my go-to styler  since I received it. It looks really complicated but its actually incredibly easy to use. I've wanted one since Emma raved about it  and Milly nudged me in the right direction!

The Enrapture Totem styler is unique because it contains three different heated "zones" on the barrel. Each zone heats up to whichever setting you set it to on the changable dial, with 1 being the coolest and 3 being the hottest.  I use it on a variety of settings to get different curled looks. For example a loose wave I'd use 1-2-1, and for a defined curl I'd put it on 3-3-3, Mixing and matching combinations is really fun and you can really see all the ways heat can effect how hair curls. Under each demo photo in this post I've put what I would have set the Totem Styler to to achieve each look, However generally I use 1-2-1 to give a my usual volumised wave. I like that it has a 25mm large barrel which means even though I have long hair, my hair can be wrapped all the way around with no overhang. I also choose to use the flipper, buy you can use it without like a regular hair wand for waves rather than defined curls, Either way looks really good!

I also was sent the Enrapture Heated rollers but I honestly haven't had that much time to play with them yet as I liked this so much. I will do a comparison of the two when I get around to trying the rollers properly. I can't sing the praises of this tool enough, its the ultimate curling tong in my eyes and Im so grateful to have been given the chance to review it. Im skeptical of things that do the blogging rounds, but it really is more than just a gimmicky hair curling thing, it actually lives up to all my expectations and does what its claims to do. Its worth the extra money in my opinion! Its right up there with the GHD's  in the hair tool hierarchy! Holy grail? Oh go on then!

<blockquote> PS. I've seen its on offer on Currys for £39.97, which is a absolute bargain! Its not available for home delivery but you can check your local stores!</blockquote>