will do my outfit for day two of fashion week tomorrow!

001. Currently doing my usual Sunday thing by slobbing around the flat and not doing anything of note. I even wore jeans today for the first time in years! Apologises for the laziness as I couldn't be bothered with putting make up on just to blog! Me and my flatmates went to Pizza Express tonight, which was so yum, could 100% eat it again right now!

002. What a week! Forever 21 was amazing and London Fashion Week has been really good! I have show invites for the next two days but I don't know what my plans are yet. I'm shattered, and going out last night probably didn't help. I'll do some proper posts next week on the two things, but its all been so busy and one thing after another I can hardly remember what I did at the beginning of the week! Thank god I keep a blog recording things I do as I'd completely forget!

003. Going home to see my Mum on Wednesday or Thursday! First time since I moved to London and I'm really looking forward to seeing my baby brothers! I sort of don't want to go but do at the same time! Going to be so weird getting off the train back to the fresh country air!

004. Its Pancake day on Tuesday! My pancake of choice is ice cream and nutella! I do love a classic lemon and sugar one though! Im a expert pancake flipper too, so I like to show off my skillz. I love pancakes but never seem to have them any other time apart from Pancake Day!