winter is coming...

001. Such a lovely and busy week! Had so much to do and loads of fun events. Ate way too much food, drank alot of alcohol and saw some of my favourite people. Love being in London as I get to see all my bloggy friends. So weird going from not seeing my real friends (as they have mainly moved away) Got a few events this week coming too including a Estée Lauder one and a MUA cosmetics one! Talk about opposites! Excited for both though! Today has been a complete write off thanks to the snow, It was just one of those says where all you want to do is stay in the warmth of your bed!

002. I didn't mean to post yesterday's post on here. I usually save the photos posts for etcllymlrs (which is sadly being neglected right now! Sorry!) but I didn't want to repost it! Dont know if I should continue putting them in here or not. I like to keep this blog purely outfits (which are lacking too!) but you know! I know I keep saying I'll stop slacking and blog but Im terrible!

003. Was asked alot about the MAC pro card in the comments so I thought I best address it on here for everyone. I went to the mac pro stall at IMATS and they just offered it after saying we were bloggers not students or MUA's (who were being offered the card). It was £25, and I don't think actually offer them to bloggers normally. I can't find anything online related that relates to bloggers getting discount. So I think it may have been a IMATS one off. I remember a few years ago you could just buy pro cards at IMATS. But yeah, I don't know the official word on it and I'm not going to question it now I have a slight justification for the amount of MAC use!!

004. Does anyone have a white iphone? What case do you have for it? Im finding it so hard to find an appropriate cover for mine as all the ones I currently have just aren't looking right. I really like these Jolie Petite but Im not sure! Any good handmade phone case makers as well?