mua nail polish u rok swatch review photosmua nail polish u rok swatch review photos
MUA U ROK nail polish: superdrug (£2)

Normally I wouldn't review something so quickly after trying it, but I've been wearing this shade for three days now and had a few requests to review it so I thought I'd do one anyway! MUA U ROK is part of a collaboration of shades brought out by MUA  and Love Hearts. All the colours are inspired by Love Hearts Sweets and come in a lovely range of pastels and summery shades.

MUA U ROK nail polish is a subdued but also bright purple, with a hint of a pale pastel lilac. I think it looks different in the packaging as to how it looks on the nails,  However the does photo makes it look quite lavender but its slightly darker in real life. The colour is very true to the nail swatches though! I'd say U ROK is quite a unique shade as I don't actually own a similar colour in my  vast nail polish collection. It applies so-so, Its okay, but it can be quite streaky as the brush is small and hard to work with. I find it's opaque in two coats which can even out the streaks a bit. After two days without a topcoat I experienced quite a bit of tip wear. I didnt apply a topcoat for some reason, I wouldn't normally not wear a topcoat over any polish, I was just to lazy to go find one! Bear in mind I do wear fake nails and I spend 99% of my day on my laptop which could have added to enhanced tip wear!

I've tried other MUA nail polishes in the past and have overall found them OK, not amazing but I do think for a cheap nail polish its understandable, and you know its not going to be the best nail polish ever. Id definitely recommend wearing a top coat over it if you did purchase U ROK or other polishes from MUA's range. I'm currently using Seche Vite as a topcoat which is really good. Overall this shade is really pretty and unique and will look lovely come summer! Im not sure if this is in the shops yet or not, but I'd presume its out soon!