LG 6 Motion: Give us a Spin Contest

As a sponsor of London fashion week, LG are celebrating all things stylish with their LG 6 Motion range of washing machines with six different washing motions. In support of this Appliances Online, the UK’s largest online retailer, got in touch regarding hosting a contest where Bloggers can get involved showing their favourite outfits for on the move and be in with a chance to win a £200 Topshop Voucher. You can be as creative or as safe as you want when it comes to entering. You could get clever with photography and make some moving images (.gif's? videos?). Or you could simply show your favourite outfits when you are on the move. Think your favourite going out shoes, Or looking stylish at the gym. You're free to interpret the brief as you wish! There is no right or wrong! Make sure to read the entry requirements below as its quite strict, You can add the entry text to any of your outfit posts if you wanted to use an existing one as long as you come back and post the link! Best of Luck!
- Open to all Bloggers/Tweeters (including non-UK)
- Contest closes on 27th February. - There are TWO Prizes.
- One £200 Topshop Voucher for a blogger entry and One £30 Voucher for a twitter entry
- You can enter via both entry methors with the same images.
- Take a photo of you're outfit. - To enter via a blog you MUST include the text:
  "My entry into the LG 6 Motion Give us a Spin Competition"
  The text "LG 6 Motion" must be hyper linked with the with the following link:
- To enter via Twitter, Twit pic your oufit and then use the hashtag #LGMotion6
- You need to come back here with the link to your entry and post it in the comments.

DISCLAIMER: Terms and entry requirements have been set out by Appliances Online. I am not responsible for choosing the outcome of the contest.


  1. Great giveaway.just enterd on Twitter.Here´s the link!/melodylouise1/status/168791485444132865/photo/1
    xoxo Sabrina

  2. entered via twitter!
    Monica x

  3. I just entered :)!/auroraborealise/status/168810612678328320

    thanks :)
    xx meagan

  4. Just entered :)

    rachel x

  5. I will try to enter! xx

    Lots of love,

  6. My entry is on my blog

    Hope you enjoy
    Jess x

  7. I will surely enter. But I can't take any pictures before saturday. Lilly x

  8. I've entered the #LGmotion6 competition with a tweet, here's the link:

    My movement is shown whilst throwing some swishy-skirted dance shapes ;) xx

  9. I entered through my blog, here's my entry:

    I've tried to incorporate the movement theme into my entry by editing two images of previous outfit's together that I've worn on the move. I also further emphasised the theme by using a cellophane tool and adding it into the image to highlight movement and blur! :)

    I also entered through Twitter, here's the link:!/Dreamsndresses/status/169516619566026752/photo/1

    Laura xx

  10. Outfit planned for photos this afternoon. Looking forward to entering.

  11. Entered on twitter too, why not,!/Laurenj333/status/170265370089897984?photo=1

  12. This is my entry :)x

  13. Here's my entry :)

  14. Great competition!
    This is my entry -
    via my blog:

    via Twitter:!/momentsdelamode/status/171262384885866496/photo/1

  15. Heres my entry

    could do with £200 TOPSHOP vouchers :)


  16. My entry:

  17. Here's my entry

    I have taken the motion theme literally and posted a gif. Plus it's about socks, and seeing as my washing machine eats socks i thought it would be fitting.


  18. Here's my entry!


  19. I've entered on my blog:

    and my twitter: @Un_observed

    Abby xx

  20. I'd love to win the vouchers :) Here's my entry to the competition:


  21. i entered here

    :) Kate x


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