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MAC Pink Nouveau: MAC Cosmetics (£13.50) 

MAC Pink Nouveau is a satin finished lipstick in a blue toned bright medium pink colour. I don't normally like too blue toned lipstick (MAC Snob) as they dont tend to suit my awkward skin tone, However on me it does look like a bright barbie pink. Its not a neon pink, but very bright and a really fun colour pop. I quite like satin finished lipsticks, they are similar to the MAC Matte formula, but a touch glossier. The formula reminds me of Revlons Matte lipsticks, matte but still has a bit of slip so it doesnt feel too dry. The colour would suit a range of skin tones, providing your not scared about doing a statement lip!

MAC Pink Nouveau is a big, bold lipstick colour but I think its suitable enough for everyday wear too, maybe paired with a simple neutral eye look. I honestly dont know when I bought this, I found it under my bed while I was clearing stuff out! It was still boxed and unopened! Pink Nouveau is big with all the celebs~ so its a really popular MAC shade. Once I realised I owned it I did a happy dance (photographed it) then applied it straight away. I'm so happy that I discovered this again!