feel unique sample box reviewfeel unique sample box reviewfeel unique sample box reviewfeel unique sample box review
Lirac Creme Mesolift Anti-Aging Radiance, Dead Sea Magik Salt Brushing, Caudalie Vinotherapie nourishing body lotion, 
Phyto Conditioner, This works clean skin via: Feel Unique Beauty Box

I have to admit I completely forgot about beauty boxes over Christmas, I didnt even notice the money come out my account for this! Was a surprise to see it turn up the other morning! This is the first beauty box of 2012! Its a OK box to be honest, not super exciting but decent. I love all the Caudalie things I've tried so far so I cant see this being any different! I've been wanting to try Phyto as a brand for a while but its the kinda thing I'd probably not shell out the extra pennies for! I dont even use conditioner on my hair so maybe this will turn me! This Works is a brand Im in two minds about, something that claims "this works" to me suggests it probably doesn't, but I'll give it a chance! Missed out of the bath salts in previous boxes so I do want to try those! The Lirac Cream has gone to my mother who was looking for something like that to try!

Overall its a OK Feel Unique beauty box like I said earlier. Its the type of products I'd rather see in a beauty box. I don't like getting make up as I'd rather choose that myself. Skincare and haircare are my main intrests in things I'd personally like to try as I tend to not really buy them myself and always stick to the same brands if I do. I feel like this box isn't as "wow" as the other boxes, but I do like Feel Unique and will continue to be subscribed for the neat future! I wish everyone didn't complain about perfume samples as I REALLY miss them! I love trying new scents!