crest white strips
crest white strips: ebay (£6.50 week supply)
crest white strip 2 hour advance seal: ebay (£6.57 one set of strips)

Like most people, Im constantly on the hunt for white teeth. If I had the money I'd get a full set of veneers, but until then Im stuck with highstreet bleaching (I've never had but its really unsafe and I really dont recommend) or home treatments. I've used lots of different things over the years to vary degrees of success. I drink way to much coffee and coke and I wish I could just stop as I know my teeth are suffering but I'm just addicted. I think as well that my teeth just naturally aren't that Hollywood white smile I really want.

Crest White Strips seem to get rave reviews over in the States so naturally, I had to try. I've tried both the normal white strips that you use everyday as well as the Two Hour Express ones. You cant actually buy these in store the UK at the moment so I tend to buy off ebay sellers. You can get them from the UK or US sellers, depends on who your comfortable buying from.

They are really easy to apply, are not particularly uncomfortable to wear. I tend to use 2 Hour Advance strips once every 3-4 months then use the regular ones once a week.  The Two Hour strips are for a harsh bleaching process. I find they do make your teeth quite sensitive the next day even if you don't have sensitive teeth. But the uncomfortable feeling does go away after a few hours. They are intended for maximum whiteness in the shortest amount of time. The regular white strips aren't as harsh, but you don't get results as quickly as you would do with the 2 hour ones. Your supposed to use the regular ones everyday, but I think its quite hard to actually remember to put them on. When I was at uni I used to wear them on my drive to Hereford each morning! But its so easy to forget.

I wouldnt recommend these at all if you have sensitive teeth. However I can confirm they do actually work and you can definely see the improvement in your teeth colour time. I havent achieved as white as I'd like and highly doubt I ever will until I pay up and get them whitened professionally!But these are good if your on a budget and can deal with the uncomfortable-ness for a few hours after using them.