review shu uemura skin purifierreview shu uemura skin purifier
shu uemura skin purifier cleansing beauty oil premium a/o advanced form 

I really didnt expect to like this hence why I never took photos of it before using it. My golden rule when getting things to review, "its not yours until you've taken a photo of it", I suppose I was given this in a goody bag though so it wasnt really under the same guidelines as "you must review this"... anyway. The idea of putting a oil on my face kinda freaked me out at first. I imagined it leaving a greasy film all over my skin and clogging up my pores. However when I did try the Shu Uemura Skin Purifier I was absolutely stunned! It goes on quite slick straight onto dry skin, and you instantly can feel the makeup starting to melt away. You then apply some water to emulsify the oil and it produces a milky substance, which leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth. It doesnt leave behind and grease or residue.

I've been using the Shu Uemura Skin Purifier as a pre-cleanser recently, Taking my eye makeup off first then the rest of my face makeup then using another cleanser (Dermalogica special cleansing gel) to make sure my face is really clean. I mainly like how it removes all my eye makeup with very little effort. I hate having left over mascara on my eyelashes!

As I was given this I literally have no idea how much it costs, I've done some feeble googling but nothings coming up. I have the 100ml which I cant seem to find a price for. I think its going to be quite pricey though as I've seen similar Shu Umera cleansers for £28. I think I'd buy it again as I do really like the product and would really recommend it. I suppose it would depend on the price though, seeing as I've had this for about a month now and nearly used two thirds of it already so its not really lasting that long. Opened my mind a bit more to oil cleansers, they are still scary but this one has put my mind at rest a little! I'm sure there is cheaper options out there that are this so I'm open for suggestions once I've used this up!