Nailene Ultra Quick Brush on Nail Glue *

Nailene Ultra Quick brush on nail glue is my favourite nail glue, I've mentioned it a few times but I thought I'd do a review to link back to for reference when Im asked. I really like all the Nailene glues, but I prefer the brush version because of its easy application, its much less messier because of the brush and screw cap. I find the regular style of nail glue with the nozzle caps, tend to dry up really quickly and have to throw them away. Nailene Ultra Quick, lives up to its name and really doesn't take that long to dry. I don't have the packaging to hand but I think it claims 3 second drying time, Id say more like 10 seconds. I find the glue lasts well on me, A good 3-4 days before the odd ones pop off. My nails are pretty damanged from years of acrylic nail abuse, so I can really comment on how it affects natural nails. But I would presume any sort nail glue would be damaging if you use it continually. 

I was sent this particular bottle, but I have bought it manymany times in the past. I dont know the price as I can NEVER find them in the shops, hence why they offered to send me some. Please let me know if you know the retail price of the nail glue! I hear Asda/Tescos sell Nailene, and I've bought Nailene glue from Bodycare in the past too. My local Boots and Superdrug dont stock Nailene though so cant comment on their availability in those shops!