Moroccan oil review hair treatmentMoroccan oil review hair treatmentMoroccan oil review hair treatment
Moroccan oil treatment 100ml: feel unique (£30.45) *

Moroccan Oil is something that I'd always wanted to try but the price tag always put me off. £30 for a hair product seemed ridiculous to me. I jumped for joy when I saw a full size Moroccan Oil bottle in my Cosmo Blog Awards Goody Bag! I have very dry hair, it matts and tangles really easily. Doesn't help that I've bleached my hair a few times Ombre-ing it! I used to have little dreads in the back of my hair too, which despite being brushed out weekly would always come back.

When I use the Moroccan Oil, I will towel dry my hair a bit, then apply 4-6 pumps and run it through the ends of my hair up to about 4 inches away from the roots. I try and focus on the dry parts (the ends) and work it up. I then comb through and blow dry as normal. It doesn't feel greasy or sticky on the hair, and doesnt leave feeling slick or like it has product in it. Just smooth and frizz free.

Honestly, Moroccan Oil IS a miracle product, its completely transformed the texture of my hair and the overall feel of it. Its sleek, soft and smooth, My hair has honestly never felt so healthy. It used to be so hard to manage, now I honestly wonder why I went so long without it.Yes its expensive (you can buy a smaller size for around £12), but worth every penny. I would 100% buy this product when I run out. I've been using this about a month now and have used about 20ml or so of the product, so I think the full size will last a while. It really does live up to the hype in my eyes, and I cant recommend it enough if your hair type is like mine!