moo minicards * 

Few weeks ago my new business cards dropped through my door, I thought I'd actually do a post on business cards as Im asked a fair bit about them and I can then add this to my FAQ. I first got my business cards for my final show at university, I then went to D&AD to exhibit my work so again needed cards for that. There's always this bit of hoo-haa when business cards mentioned, but I'd go as far as saying don't bother if your not going to events/meetups on a very regular basis. I seldom give mine out to PR's or ~industry~, mainly give them to other bloggers at meet ups or events and people in "real life" who want to see my blog. Its a hell of alot easier to give a card rather than go "ELL ELL WHY EMM ELL ARR ESS DOT COM".

This time decided to get some MOO Minicards, mainly because I got them for free through Klout for being a "Topical Influencer"! Its worth checking your Klout levels if you did want to try and get some free ones! I'm really happy with them and they didnt take too long to arrive with standard shipping, about a week or two. The quality is better than my old cards, which were from Vista Print and cost £20 for 500. MOO ones cost ALOT more expensive though, and the ones I got arent even fullsize cards!

On them I just have my name and my blog and email address. When I get my next batch Im going to add the type horizontally and possibly add a phone number and my twitter @ name. I decided to do them vibrant pink and then keep the hair drawing, I opted to drop my blogs old tagline "I have a blog, ombre hair & wear clothes" as it would come out a bit too small. So it now means I'm free to change my hair colour ;)