001. Neglected blogging this week a bit as I've been having way too much fun. London twice then a weekend in Cardiff with my friend for belated birthday celebrations! Thinking of staying at home all this week as I've got so much stuff I need to catch up with and focus on! I like being away from home as much as I like being home. Keeping busy keeps me going!

002. Placed a few major clothing orders this week in the search for a Christmas Dress. I dont want to leave it too late like I did last year and ended up running round New Look while working on Christmas eve buy 5 dresses in the hope one would look alright. It didnt and I ended up wearing a jumper and skirt instead! I want to wear something fancy and sparkly, but I don't want to wear something black for a change! I have my eye on this dress from New Look (and the name fits perfectly!) but I don't know if I'm going to look too Strictly Come Dancing!

003. On another Christmas related note PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE WHAT TO ASK FOR CHRISTMAS! I have no idea, I'm at a age where if I want something I'll just buy it myself, but when Im asked "what do you want" I literally draw a blank! So let me know in comments what your asking for! I know I'd like some heated hot rollers, a hair dryer and a overnight bag, but cant think of anything else I'd might want or need!

004. All JWLRY stuff will be restocked in the next few weeks as so many people have been asking so they can give them as gifts. All the individual rings will be back and the fives will be completely. I will tweet and post on here as the popular styles sell out really quickly!