fashionista fashion secret gel eyeliner: superdrug (£7)

This Fashionista Gel Liner has a really nice consistency, its not too stiff but not too greasy either which can lead to gel eyeliners to be slippy and transfer during application. Within the packaging it comes with a hidden brush which goes pops inside the lid which as far as I know its a unique idea, perfect if your on the go so its not getting grubby inside a makeup bag! The brush itself works well at applying a even line because of its flat shape. It makes it easy to line the top lashes and flick them out at the ends.

This gel eyeliner actually really surprised me, Apart from the cringeworthy brand name (am I right?) The product itself ticks most of my boxes when it comes to a eyeliner: opaque and pure black. I wouldn't say its as longlasting as eyeliners I've used, I dont find gel liners wear very long on me, however it didnt crack or flake off either.

I've said in the past I'm not a big gel liner fan, I think its a bit of a faff when liquid liner takes me a few seconds.  I do really like the product and I've been using it for the past week or so without any problems. I just got another one with a shimmery gold