Milly, Anna, Me & Zoe

001. Comso Blog Awards Photo! I feel like I've run out of time to actually post about it because so many people who went already have! I didnt win my category unfortunately! But congrats to Anna & Olivia who totally deserved their winning categories! I was really sick the whole day, look fab, feel terrible was my most commonly said phrase! Had a lovely night though! Favorite part was coming back to a hotel for lots of chatter with Gemma, Sarah, Lauren, Olivia & Lyzi!

002. Giveaway up on ETC LLYMLRS! I'm giving away 8 Models Own Nail Polishes!

003. Decided that November is Comment month! I never comment blogs, I read absolutely loads of blogs, and its not because Im lazy or think Im "above" being a commenter. I've just never ever been much of a commenter on blogs, forums or journals or whatever! Over the years I think I've got myself into a non-comment rut. Even on Facebook is a rarity I talk! Basically just going to try as much as I can. Im going to keep a record of how many I comment on in a month too!

004. Went to London again this weekend, as I went to see The Streets last night at London Freeze which was really good actually. I'm not a big fan (my friend Hannah is obsessed!) but I really enjoyed it. Haven't been to a gig in what feels like years! Was a good atmosphere! More travelling next week though thinking of going to visit my VIPXO as shes finally come back from Canada! So I may be up in Leeds for a bit towards the end of the week!