photo from a few weeks ago, to ill to take one today, pj's FTW.

001. A very sniffly sunday post today, I have the flu. Fingers crossed it's gone by Wednesdays Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. I've spent most of today with my duvet and a bottle of Night Nurse. I didnt even move from my bed till midday. I hate this time of year when the weather changes, my body seems to reject it all and make me a grumpy ill person. Reading alot of other peoples summary posts today I noticed a fair few people on the sicky bandwagon too ):

002. As I mentioned above its Cosmopolitan Blog Awards on Wednesday! I'm staying over to party with some other bloggers which I'm really looking forward to (illness permitting!)! The competition is really tough this year and I think its one of those things that can go either way, especially as some of my favourite bloggers are in my category! Some really stiff competition in the both the Beauty Blog Categories, I really didn't know who to vote for in those ones! Excited about seeing all my blogging faves IRL though! So fun! I've picked my outfit and everything!

003. Decided its finally time to get rid on the ombre, I love it but its just not for me anymore. Its too "done" and I think its had its time, so its byebye! And potentially hello blonde. I was actually blonde till I was about 13, then I started dying my hair and then now its just naturally the brown it is now. If I can drag my bum to the hairdressers in the morning Im gonna see how much it would cost. I obvz dont want to be peroxide blonde, just a natural warm sandy blonde colour, like the Ombre in my hair already just all over.