elegant touch classic french nailselegant touch classic french nails
Elegant Touch Classic French UV Coat Infinity Short Nails Simply Bare * 
£6.95 from Boots 

Love these french tips nails from Elegant Touch. French Tips nails are my favourite nails (after neon pink!) but I cannot for the life of me give myself a french manicure! I dont have the steady hand to to the tips, even with guides or fancy nail pens. The Elegant Touch French Tips are are so simple to apply, are short so you dont have to faff around shaping them. Great when your in a rush or before going out. I applied them in about 10 minutes while watching TV. They come in packs of 24 which is great incase one pops off and you need to replace it without having to take your whole set of nails off. I've been wearing these for about 4 days now and I've not lost any yet! Very impressed!