001. Obviously its 9/11 and I wanted to take time to mention it in what is normally such a self obsessed post. I'd just started secondary school when it happened, I remember walking up to town to my Mum's bakery and it being eerily silent. She told me as soon as I got in as they didnt mention it at school, I just watched the TV and just couldn't believe it, I stood there in shock not really understand why it was all happening. I think its changed the world we live in completely, makes me thankful for my own life and the people around me. My thoughts are with all the families of the people who died.

002. Spent some of the afternoon at Ludlow Food Festival, I love where I live but gosh its so busy this one weekend of the year. Had some nice food, lots of samples and took in the country atmosphere. Le sigh, When I move to the City that's when I'm sure I'll miss it the most. Moving has been put on hold for some personal reasons, I still want to move but god knows when its going to happen now unfortunately!

003. So much for having a blogging few days! Still not started writing reviews of the products I've been using or sorting photos of the events I've been to recently! Tomorrow I shall do sit down and get some content written and that is a promise! So weird juggling working freelance with blogging! Im not the best at time management as we all know, I'm easily distracted really and thats my main problem!

004. Bought a fair few things recently considering last month I hardly bought anything last month. I got this purse with a L on, this triangle necklace, few MAC bits including a 182 Kabuki and Paradisco eyeshadow, Vera Wang Princess Perfume (LOVE), a Denman hair brush (why did I not own one before!) and some fake tan. I'm suitably bronzed right now! 

005. I was linked to this Glamour Magazine competition on Twitter and thought it might interest people! Basically its to win a blogging gig for Glamour Magazine as part of their "Style Triibe" alongside some of the UK's best bloggers! I might enter but I might not!