001. Failing at a proper Glossy Box event post due to the fact I cant stop talking for five mins to take photos, I shall briefly mention what happened. I saw Victoria, Emma, Emma, Kate, Michelle, Katie, Zoe, Louise, Zoe, Milly, Lily, Jen & I hope I've remembered everyone! Some people I've met before others I hadn't, All I can confirm are a pleasure in real life! Was so excited to meet Zoe and Louise though, both absolutely hilarious! Was a really lovely event, mainly just to socialize with bloggers because at some events you just don't get to talk to people properly! Did some quality mingling! When I do my September Glossy Box post I'll talk more sabout their upcoming ventures and my thoughts on the event itself!

002. London Fashion Week is fast approaching! Still haven't got my pass, bloody slackers! But I'm off to some Vogue's Fashions Night Out events on Thursday. Me and Gem are doing this thing with Juicy Couture which should be really fun! Think alot of bloggers are going to be about so should be another blogger packed week! My favourite kind!

003. Such a blogging slacker over on ETC LLYMLRS this week! Learning the ropes of review based blogging is really a learning curve for me! Getting past the "this product is nice" barrier is really hard! I also have no idea how beauty bloggers find the time to try things out all the time for their blogs! Spent today photographing and writing posts for that blog for the next week I'm ahead of myself for now!

004. Everyone who's pre-ordered the Five stone ring mixes, they are going out first thing tomorrow morning. Any problems get in touch via the shop email! They are back in stock, but for how long I am unsure. I can never seem to judge stock right! I also restocked the always popular small turquoise ring in style 2. The shops going to be totally re-launched in October hence why everythings pratically sold out & heavily discounted. I want to introduce a wide range of brand new stock, ability to pick and choose more stock and discount mixes and hopefully have proper branding. Decided to make this my little project for September and I'm really excited about it.

PS. Can you believe this is number 90!