Models Own Peach Puff*, Barry M 119, Beauty UK Soft Pink,* Models Own Pink Blush*, Eyeko Punk Polish*
nails: ebay

If my blogs known for anything its probably my Ombre Hair, to the point where I actually put it on my business cards. Initially decided to try the Ombre nails trend for my Graduation day using pinks which I really loved, So I thought I'd do it again for this weeks nails! Obviously used my fake nails from eBay, painted them first and then stuck 'em on. I know this tends to confuse people that I paint before I apply, but they come on little sticks like this so its so easy to paint, decorate with nail art, wait for them to dry then volia. Instant long, manicured unsmooshed nails!

I used a Barry M nail varnish for the first time in ages for this look and boy was I dissapointed. The one I used took ages to properly and then still smooshed a little after using a decent topcoat (Seche Vite). I don't know if its because they are a little old but now I remember WHY I stopped getting them. I think Barry M really need to up their game a little bit, Models Own Polishes come in way more colours, dry much quicker and last alot longer (in my opinon, dont be pugnacious!). They might be a little pricier, not gonna lie I'm gifted alot of my Models Own polishes, as they are total goodybag staple, but I really prefer them over alot of other nail polish brands. I bought alot of their polishes myself in the Models Own Sale which I'm so excited to use!