(image credit one & two)
dress: river island
necklace: urban outfitters
blazer: H&M
boots: topshop
bag: louis vuitton
sunglasses 1: new look
sunglasses 2: primark

I realised I forgot my camera battery literally as soon as I got on the train to London on Friday. After I had a bit of a cursing session I just decided to take a deep breath and calm down. Remembering someone will take a photo of me at fashion week... right!? London Fashion Week is funny because everyone trys to play it cool but desperatly wants people to take their photograph. Obviously unless your 6ft tall or about 100lbs or wearing the most outrageous clothing you own, its not going to happen. But I had a few people snap photos of me so it was pretty cool!

I didnt really plan what I was wearing until the 10 mins before I actually left the house, so just went for black as its easy to wear and pretty much just wanted to blend in if anything! OTT is the name of the game at Fashion Week to be honest. However I just went with the genericy fashiony look! Oh well! And yes, I am wearing two different pairs of sunglasses because Im that much of a diva. *snap*