Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser, Ahava Mineral Body Lotion, Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara, 
KMS California Hair Stay Style Boost, Rebel Nail Toe Wraps via Glossy Box

This months Glossy Box was ok in my opinion. The Ahava body lotion and the Rebel Nail Wraps are going into my "presents for others box" because they really aren't for me. I hate the way nail wraps look, and I'm not one for body lotion. But I do know that some other people in my family would like them so I'll pass them on for stocking fillers at Christmas!

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Sandler at the Boots event to I went to on Thursday so Im looking forward to trying the mascara out. I wont open it till my current one runs out though because I dont want it to dry out! The KMS California Hair Stay feels SO weird, literally like really cold really thick but crackly goopy kind weirdness! So hard to explain but its seriously the weirdest thing I've ever touched. Not tried it yet but I'll wash my hair tonight and give it a whirl. I also quite interested in the Murad Time Release Cleanser, I dont really have bad skin so Acne isnt a problem for me, but I'd rather be preventative than do nothing!

Glossy Box goes up next month and I'm in two minds about keeping going. I am going to a Glossy Box Event on September 1st and I'm interested to know where they are heading. Like I said in my Boudoir Prive post it all seems a bit up and down, Once again people are bashing it (no well known brands maybe?) The fickleness of bloggers really plays such a part in the successfulness (sp?) of these sorts of boxes!