Beauty UK eyeshadow combo palette 02 Amazon * 

Recently when I was in Leeds seeing Victoria, I noticed on Twitter that Superdrug & Beauty UK were doing in a promotion in the city. We had a good chat with one of the girls and they kindly gave us a ton of stuff to try out. When we got back to Victoria's we divided up out wares and I knew I wanted to try this specific palette purely for the reddy copper colour. I was mainly inspired by Mary Kate Olsen to try a coppery eye colour, because I'm sure alot of us would like to look like her! In the photo of me its looking more red than orange/copper but in real life its very coppery rather than full on red. Silly camera.

I really like the eye shadows in this palette, they are all pigmented and easy to apply.  Like with alot of low priced shadows they feel very soft to work with but they didn't have that much fall out.  Trust me I've used worse low end shadows. The colours are quite dark but do come out true to pan, there is some really interesting sparkly shades in there too. The liners in this palette are ok, they arent up to my stupidly high standard of gel liner, but are fine if you wanted something cheap, I used the black one initially but had to go over it with the Topshop eyeliner as it just wasn't right for me.

Overall I think its a good palette, it costs around £4 which is very reasonable. I remember before I was a MAC addict back in school I used to use a Beauty UK palette religiously. I'll probably only use the copper-red colour and the top brown shade if I'm being honest. The others are a bit too dark for my personal eyeshadow tastes as I like to wear pinks or corals normally. However it saves me shelling out for another shadow in a colour may not get much use out of as its this is the kinda look I would wear on a night out or if I just fancied a more ~rawk chixx~ look! Very pleased with it though and it will take its place in the drawer in my makeup tower of makeup I would use again.