sweater: topshop
skirt: H&M
rings: jwlry
nails: eyeko rain
lips: mac cut a caper

This jumper is one of those items I regret buying, I love it but it absolutely stinks if you leave it in your wardrobe for a while. A little bit like rust or something? I cant really explain, but hey I'm still wearing it so it cant be that bad. Its not too bad the day after you wash it, but if I leave it a while it just smells gross! I do really love the shape and style of the jumper but it just annoys me too much most of the time to wear! I have this skirt in four or five different colours too, I love them! So versatile and easy to wear! I've been kicking around the house all day doing housework, ironing and packing blogsale stuff and sorting out a few things I've been working on for a while! I'm so desperate to let you guys know about some things that are going on but its still all a bit hushhush!

Feeling a little sorry for myself tonight, my eye has blown up and gone so red and sore. Its been giving me a bit of pain for the past few days but I thought it was just hayfever or something. Today in between taking these photos & now its puffed up completely and is just giving me so much grief. I could't get into the doctors till Friday, so I'm really hoping its not too bad tomorrow. I'm so bad when I'm ill, I'm a cybercondriac too which doesnt help! According to Google I must have my orbital bone removed or something ridiculous! Haha! Sure some antibiotics will help it though! Apologies if I dont blog until its gone though! But knowing me I probably will!