biting my nails, such a bad habit! always when im nervous!

001. Today has been a bit of self induced panic, I've been packing (and being distracted by practically everything) for my holiday as I'm going to have so little time during the next week. I really should have started packing last week, but my own laziness got the better of me! I've got to get my final university exhibition show up by Wednesday as well as sort all the work I want to get up at New Blood for D&AD. I have no idea what I really want to exhibit but as a group we have quite a cool idea for a little gimmick for the show!

002. I've finally finished watching all four series of The Tudors (main reason why I've not got anything done in ages!), I actually love it. I need to find a new show to get into for a while! Game of Thrones is nearly over for this season too, However True Blood is back soon so I can fangirl over that for a bit! Missing Gossip Girl and Glee very dearly!

003. I thought I'd link this YSL arty copy ring on here, I know its the must have ring and not everyone can afford the real thing. Its not that chep (think about £20, but compared to the real one, a bit of a bargain!), Depends how people feel about fakes/inspired things etc! But thought people would appreciate the link!

004. Last orders for my own jewellery is going to be on Wednesday evening, I will be away from the 17th till the 29th, and then I'm in London from 30th-4th July doing New Blood. So realistically I wont be able to start processing orders or reply to things until the 5th July. I shall be making this clear on my website, but I thought I'd put it on here so if you were thinking of ordering, get them in as soon as possible. I also have two new items, a dimpled knuckle ring and a hematite tooth necklace.

005. This made me chuckle (and a little shocked!), Today I was looking at my google analtics and apparently 81% of people that view this blog spend less than 10 seconds viewing it. So if you are of that other 19% that do take a few extra mins to read what I write, thank you very much!