So my blog has reached the grand old age of two! Even though I did end up going on about how happy I was about my blog in the end I just wanted to share my "Blog Story". Its not so in depth because its so hard to think about things when your talking! I didn't plan and just ended up talking!

I think I'm a victim of being in the right place at the right time when it came to how my blog really got to where it is today. Obviously the initial Lookbook stuff was the starting point, but then the people who were there along for the ride with me, the ones who spread the word, follow and talk about me on their blogs. It just went from strength to strength and its now its beyond my wildest dreams. Im so proud and fortunate to have the things that have happened to me over the past few years. Like I said, honestly if I didn't have you I wouldn't have had half the opportunities I have had. I am so grateful (like i said a billion times!) that you have helped me achieve these things.

I do genuinely read all the comments I get, I also read every email and tweet. I click all the links I'm sent. I think people forget that I am a reader, not just a blogger! Just because I may not comment or openly follow your blog (i mainly follow using google reader or bloglovin nowadays!) doesn't mean Im not there lurking!

So anyway, heres to two years of LLYMLRS!