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images and video via Fanta Facebook Page

I've actually never been to a proper theme park before, As a child I always dreamed of going to Disney Land or Alton Towers. I think the idea of going was probably more enchanting than the reality. In my head it was all being brave going on scary rides, go on the rides about a billion times and stuff myself with all theme park goodies! However in reality I was too scared to even go on the ghost train at the May fair (always had those horror stories of people getting limbs cut off?) let alone go on Obvilion or whatever the names of the current scary rides are!

Fanta currently have a game running on their Facebook page called King of the Park. Anyone used to play that old game called Theme Park World? Its basically a bit like that crossed with Farmville and Mario Party! Loads of really cute (and challenging!) little mini games and tasks which get you points, and then when you get on the leader boards you can win prizes like days out to theme parks! Its a really nicely designed little gaming platform, easy to play and gain points. Its also really created well from a design point of view beautiful pop colours and cute characters.

Should I bite the bullet and make one of my goals this summer to go to a theme park? Do you have any Theme Park experiences you want to share?