001. This week has been so up and down, I've been so ill towards the end of the week I could hardly move from my bed. I think I either had a 24 hour (and a bit) bug or a bit of food poisoning. Either way I'm better now and back in the game!

002. The last week of university is upon me! Gosh I cant atually believe its got to this point! I'm so happy to be finished. I think after being at university for the past 3 years, I realized its not for me. I probably should have dropped out years ago. I dont want to be a Graphic Designer, I am grateful for all the skills I've learnt from doing the course but it has made me realize that although I want a career in design/art, the "making" part just isnt for me!

003. So one bit finishes the next chapter starts. House hunting. I've been saving up to move away for the past three years, and despite what people think about me (and how much I spend) I save ALOT of money. At the moment I'm looking into if I could afford to save up another year or two to see I could gather enough to get a mortgage and buy my first house. I am so fortunate with the fact my parents don't mind me living at home, but I do want to get away as soon as possible, so I may go down the renting route, which in turn would eat into my savings! Ah who knows! Le sigh!

004. Sorry this is very "about me" this week, I dont really have must to talk about as all I've been doing is writing in pain or doing university work! I highly doubt much will be posted next week, although procrastinations levels are hitting a all time high as it's hand in week, so knowing me the blog will have a billion posts!