Like I said I went shopping yesterday and went to Birmingham, Obviously I went to Forever 21. Now when it comes to Forever 21 I'm in two minds, the jewellery hands down is some of the nicest stuff I've seen on the high street. The clothes leave a little to be desired, infact no, The clothes are nice there is just SO much stuff to look through its over whelming and so easy to just give up looking! Plus if you are over a size 12 I'd not even bother looking. There clothes a crazy small! I'm a 8-10 and seriously some styles I struggled to squeeze myself in! If you ever visit the Birmingham store you can see the whole visual merchandised layout of all the jewellery, its really beautiful and creative. I wish more highstreet shops took their approach! The prices of the stuff I bought ranged from about £2.80-£5.60, The prices are quite odd there!

According to the Forever 21 website there is a free shipping code with no minimum spend over the bank holiday weekend, but I'm having loads of trouble logging on so Im not sure whats going on!