top/dress/tunic: new look
cardigan: yayer
rings: bhs and market stall
lips: barry m 147

Florals are pretty much a no no in my book. If you haven't noticed I just wear simple block colours. I enjoy a nice stripe or two, but nothing too fancy or overly patterned. This little top/dress/tunic  however was just adorable I couldn't resist. Its not long enough to be a dress, not short enough to be a top, and I think its a weird length to even be a tunic! The collar is the most special part of the top, its got a lovely little scalloped edge which is SO hard to photograph but in real life it looks gorgeous!

Thanks to everyone who bought rings off me! I sent all the UK ones yesterday and a few people have already received theirs! All the international post ones are being sent on Monday. I had planned on doing it today before realizing it was half day closing! I knew I should have got more than I planned originally! I'm getting some more in which should be available near the middle of February. I may take preorders off the shop because I don't want people complaining they haven't got them, Even though I've tried to make it as clear as possible that I cant send them till I get more in stock. If anyone does get fed up of waiting, just email me and I'll refund you ASAP. Honestly I'm not going to rip you off or anything, so you just need to let me know if you aren't happy waiting!