top: topshop
cardigan: topshop
shorts: primark
belt: topshop
necklace: clubcouture
rings: new look & primark

Blue and black are total fashion sins? Oui? Non? Who knows. I used to hate blue and black together but I have grown fond of the two recently. Black and navy are pretty much a no no in my books, but I think I can accept lighter blue and black? I feel like I have nothing to wear at the moment, Maybe its because I'm in two minds of where my style is going at the moment. I always have this little idea in my head that one day my style would be coherent and make sense and I'd omit all the clutter from my wardrobe. I think one of my new years resolutions is going to be find a style that works and stick to it. All I wear at the moment is a chunky cardigan and a dress, or a oversized top and shorts/bodycon skirt.

Another day off work because of the snow. So annoying because I could really do with the money, but hey. Things like this cant be helped. Im starting to get a bit angsty because I've not really done anything of substance the past two days. All I've really done today was film this video from the outfit I posted the other day, and do this post. I like to keep myself busy, but I think its inevitable that on a snow day that you cant be bothered to do anything. My Christmas shopping is completely out the window too. I literally have no presents bought for anyone. I've got loads to do just no means to actually doing it. Snow sucks. I regret wishing for it now!

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. I really wish there was a better way so I could reply to you all, Something like Youtubes comment system. Even something like a simple "Like" button would be awesome! Sort it out Blogger! I also think that emerging from the "blogasphere" are a group of girls who aren't afraid to say what they think. I know that I do fall foul to biting my tongue on certain issues, and try not to voice my opinion too much because its inevitably going to offend someone along the line and ill get accused of belittling my followers or being a moany moo. Its so easy to feel stifled by the internet, I occasionally feel very restricted. But in reality Im not some sugar sweet person who's nice to everyone, I say it how it is.  Im not afraid to tell people how I feel, If someone upsets me I say something. Does this make me a bitch? Probably! But least Im not pretending to be someone I'm not in real life!

Ps. I've changed my layout a bit, Its not finished. I need to finish off the custom font as it has no numbers or punctuation. I also need to tweak a few bits, but hey it will do for now. I had planned a fancy revamp, but I cant be bothered. Oh and also If it doesn't work in Internet Explorer, you need to wise up and download Firefox. Who even uses IE anymore! ;)