001. Im currently munching on a VERY large spicy chicken pizza with Ivor. Were having a Sunday night in watching Transformers. I've never seen it! Getting a little excited about Shia LeBeouf in a Strokes T-shirt! I'm not a big movie buff, I don't really care for watching films! I have a certain type of film I like though (ie. The Juno/Where The Wild Things Are/Almost Famous Stylee stuff) I did see Scott Pilgram vs the World last week, which was really good and I totally recommend it to everyone!

002. Thinking of coming down to London to do a little blog meet up. I posted about it on Twitter briefly the other day, But I don't know if anyone would be interested in it! Id really love to meet some fellow bloggers, so we can talk about blog things, as my friends really dont find it interesting! Of course it must include the food of the blogs: cupcakes! Any thoughts? I always worry no one will turn up!

003. My Formspring has been reopened too all questions so you dont need an account to ask me things. So if you have anything you want to know do it now! I wont answer questions I dont want to answer for example inappropriate ones, hateful ones, too personal ones. And sometimes I just wont answer questions I don't know the answer too!

004. Another really great drawing of me popped up this week! I love seeing peoples artwork, and like I said about the other drawing of me someone did, I really envy people who can draw! Im such a fail when it comes to drawing people!

005.This week I shall be opening up my little Shop LLYMLRS's closet type thing! I need to get rid of so much of my old clothes and shoes and I thought it was a better way than trying to ebay them as sometimes its more hassle than its worth. It should be a good 20-30 items for the opening! Ill keep you posted when I do decide to open it up!