dear jen

top: H&M
jeggings: primark
necklace: zara taylor
hat: primark

When Jen did a "As Inspired..." post based on me I always knew I wanted to do one back. Looking through my wardrobe and through Jens looks I though "Right whats a classic Jen outfit" I though the Trouser/Breton combo was a perfect starter. Its the kind of outfit I always think of when I think about her! She has this perfect wardrobe of all the key and classic wardrobe pieces, you will ever need. Striped bretons? Check! Floral tea dresses? Check! Chunky oversized knits? Check! She makes me want to try peg leg trousers so much. Heres a few links to a few of my favourite outfits shes recently worn. I even wore red lips, because I think she looks freaking awesome with red lips!

So when I was shopping last weekend I decided to pick up a pair of these "jeggings" in Khaki. I shudder at the word Jeggings, Seriously it just sounds so wrong. Before you say " LILZ JEGGINGS AINT TREWS BRO!" I know, I know, I'm kinda cheating, but aren't jeggings now classed as trousers? They certainly are are at New Look as they are part of the new Denim Range (shameless plug, plz keep me employed New Look!) Now I haven't worn trousers in any form for what feels like... well actually has been about 3 years. I've honestly not even bothered trying any on until I started thinking about this little response post (Yes I think of blog things IRL!).

I tried, I really did try and have a go at wearing jeans/leggings/jeggings/whatever, but I've come to the conclusion, They really don't suit me. Maybe I just have a weird complex about my short legs that makes me paranoid that I look stumpy with them on! or maybe its because I stick to wearing tights because they are black make my legs look thinner? All I know is that I don't do jeans, and I don't think I will again! But hey, Fashions always about pushing yourself and working out whats good for you! I really am going to try some peglegs, although the fat leg issue will come up again and I can see myself not liking them.

Are any of you like me and have a jeans/trousers complex? Or do you wear nothing but jeans? Lemme know peeps!


  1. You pull off jeggings really well. The outfit is very cute and very Jen :) I did a jeggings outfit recently too. I think it worked!


  2. you DO suit trousers, this outfits amazing! and i feel the same i don't like jeans atall..can't wear them for some reason. but i do live in leggings :)

  3. I'm exactly the same, I hate jeans and haven't worn them for at least 3 years. I like trousers though and am getting into them more. Great post :) xxx

  4. Love the hat, love the lips. You look great!

  5. I think they look good on you but skirts/dresses do probably suit you more. I wanting to try out the peg leg trousers too, just gotta find the right pair and go for it.

  6. I haven't worn jeans in about 7 years. I find denim a horrible, rough material and personally I think it's ugly. I only wear trousers if I have to, such as for job interviews. I like in leggings and tights. :P

  7. I'm a bit like you - I do wear jeans whenever I can't be bothered thinking about an outfit but generally I don't think they suit me. I have short legs and big hips, which makes all these peg leg/tapered styles a bit of a nightmare... I love them on other people but I'm struggling to find the right pair for me. Incidentally I bought a pair of bootcut yoga pants for exercising recently and found that they were incredibly flattering on - so now all I can think is why can't boot legs be in fashion any more?!?!

  8. I think you look great! You can really pull them off!

    I am the same as you, i haven't worn jeans for years - i own one pair of baggy boyfriend jeans but they are classed as one of my "lounge around house, do not wear out..ever" items! I just find them so uncomfy.

    Stacey xx

    P.S, what lipstick are you wearing? The colour is gorgeous.

  9. I love the jeggings! they really suit you! =)

  10. I have the same problem, i always think i look tiny in leggins and really frumpy.
    I've not worn jeans in about two years and wear tights with pretty much everything!

    It's nice to try things out every now and again though! and they deff suit you :) xi

  11. i love this outfit on you (:
    really suits you. & i love the simplicity of the top. mm, i can't even stomach the idea of wearing boyfriend/baggy jeans. eugh, just no.

  12. I actually think those jeggings suit you. I hate the blue jean jeggings they're terrible.. But these don't really look like jeggings? So i guess that's a good thing!

    I can't remember the last time I wore jeans. Or any trousers.. I have the same 'stumpy legs' issue :( I stick to dresses, skirts and tights

  13. I live in 'jeggings' look like jeans, but alot comfier! Love this post, very cute.xoxo

  14. I haven't worn trousers for years either, I just prefer looking lady-like in dresses and skirts!
    I do enjoy the jeggings though!

  15. i love those jegging things, i always find if you add a pair of heels to skinny jeans/jeggings then you tend to feel much better about your legs

  16. Hi Lily,
    I am a new follower and I loveeee your blog and style!! Great post and gorgeous outfit!

    Would love it if you could drop by my blog at some point!! find me at

    Cheers lovely! xx

  17. It's always lovely when I go onto your blog and find a nice new post to read :) Thank you for being so consistent, it makes me happy! I think these jeggings really suit you! I'm like you, I'm a definite skirts/shorts/dresses kind of girl, and I haven't worn jeans in so long! I'm pretty tiny and they make me look a bit dwarf-like. Red lipstick looks beautiful on you also x

  18. I am exactly the same as you! I too have not worn trousers of any kind since.... 2001! Impressive! I basically never felt comfortable in them and got so fed up of them getting wet in the rain!

  19. I don't own a single pair of trousers. I can't wear them.

  20. ooh I love this look. Chic, effortless and ever-so-slightly french.

    I used to have a huge jeans issue but now I cannot get enough of trousers in general. It is so all about finding ones that work for you though as I know that there are some brands I just can't wear. Acne super skinnies are the best and topshop has some good'uns. X

  21. 1. You DO NOT have fat legs so I think the "fat leg issue" is a non issue. The camera supposedly adds ten pounds, but you look really tiny!

    2. I'm really short so I think my legs look stumpy all the time!

    3. I'm the opposite of you and wear jeans all the time and am currently trying to branch out into skirts/shorts/leggings, etc.

    P.S. I quite enjoyed this post.

  22. I was really shocked when I seen you wearing trousers. You really suite them!
    To be honest this year I haven't really worn any jeans or jeggins much. I've started to wear tights more often, but not that it's winter I probably won't be as warm unless I buy some thick pairs.
    I've actually had my eye on buying some skinny red jeans, I just don't know what I'd wear them with. I'd love to get a pair though!

  23. I'm constantly buying new jeans and...I don't really know why. I don't look that great in them, partially because I hardly ever buy shirts/tops. I also have short calves and long, big, muscular thighs, which combined with no waist is the awkward shape of the year award winner when it comes to trying to keep jeans on my butt and not sagging off it. Yet I keep buying them! I think part of it is that I'm American and from California, where EVERYONE wears jeans. And I grew up with jeans as a wardrobe staple. But now? I'm not sure. I haven't been able to break the habit yet, though, hence the new pair of jeans I just got with zips up the back of the calf. THEY'RE SO CUTE. But...they also sort of slide around without a belt. C'est la vie.

  24. Same, the whole leggings thing is quite unflattering for me as well. Stripes and boater hat looks very nautical, I like
    It would be mine

  25. i used to live in my jeans, but since comming back from my gap year and finding that my sister had nicked them all I'm embracing skirts and dresses much more :)

    on another note, you do not have stumpy legs lol

  26. I absolutely hate jeans and think I look so stumpy and gross in them- it just looks like I haven't tried at all! Recently though I have really been getting into trousers but at heart I will always be a skirt/dress/shorts kinda girl... I don't know what you are worrying about though, you look lovely and very Jen-like (another of my favourite bloggers!) :)

    Maria xxxx

  27. love love love his whole look..
    in fact love love love all your looks..
    Think the middle parting is doing well. it works on you, and your hair. love it. :)

  28. just saw your blog! love it! so cool outfits! gonna follow you :) hope you'll take a look to mine :) xx

  29. I don't feel comfortable in "jeggings" either...maybe it's because I'm so short?

  30. I have so so much love for your hair, you look fabulous here!

  31. i have these but mine are so so soooo tight on me! they are the tightest pair of anything trouser/jegginsy that i own! i love the colour so i want them to fit but ouch i can barely sit down because they pinch at my calves! do yours..? i loooove this look on you, esp the hat!

  32. Love this outfit! It's very Jen indeed :) You look gorgeous! xo

  33. I think those jeggings suit you, but you know...whatever, as long as you´re comfy...if you´re not, just don´t wear them:)
    I´ve got complex but it´s more tights and leggings sorta one...I hate the shape of my legs and I´m not very confident about them and always feel like trousers can hide it so I tend to wear them quite often...but I´m doing pretty well in trying to change that and wear leggings and tights more and I think my mindset has changed a bit and I don´t feel so uncomfortable anymore and even like my legs sometimes:)
    I love you in striped tees thought..and that hat. I think this and "ou est la piscine" outfits are one of my favourites (amongst all your great ones!).

  34. I hate wearing trousers. I feel like my legs are fat and i'm extremely not feminine x

  35. you look totally awesome in them!!
    i wear leggings and jeggings but not jeans, im seriously hollowedbacked and jeans dont fit AT all =(
    But yeah seriously you look awesome in them =)

  36. You should give jeggings a try! You look really amazing in them and pull them off sooo well. I wear jeans when I;m louging around at home. Never jeggings or leggings though. They make my legs look so stodgy (if thats even a word).

  37. Very lovely, casual outfit. :) I reay like the color of your jeggings! As for me, I find myself moving away from jeans and more towards skirts and dresses. I'm generally rather lazy and sometimes putting on jeans can be a hassle, haha. I do like jeggings though (I hate the name too), especially if they have elastic waistbands, haha. :)

  38. I feel my legs are my best feature so i try and wear skirts and dresses as much as i can. When it comes to skinny jeans, i feel they just make my legs look fat. Even though i feel there my best feature i just don't like them (my legs) in jeans. However, i do try and wear jeans every so often but i just don't LOVE them.

  39. Oooh, YAY! You do me better than I do me! Hee hee!

    Loving you in the jegs. Thanks so much for this! :) xx

  40. Woah girl! Your legs are not fat, well from what I see in the third photo anyway! I was thinking to myself, "wow, you look effortlessly chic in this outfit!" before i even read the part about you hating pants/jeans. I think you look fantastic in jeggings, hahaha.


  41. This has to be probably one of your best OOTD! You look absolutely amazing and the jeggins just look so so so right on your legs! x

  42. your legs are not fat. i wish i had your legs. you should see mine...gawd they're bad!

  43. love the jen look! love her blog she's such a doll :) i wear leggings and im liking the new tapered trousers for autumn but nah hardly ever wear jeans.. they aint comfy! :) x

  44. i love peg legged trousers but they always just look slightly half mast on me because my legs are too short haha. love this look, jen is fab!

  45. I'm a bit like that I think my legs look about 2 inches long in jeans ha, and i get really paranoid about how tight they look around the old bum area. I'm so much more of a skirts and dress kind of gal, I am partial to layering over skinnies with scarfs and coats in the dark depths of winter though for warmth and comfort on those to cold to care days!

  46. You look great in those jeggings! =)
    I used to be a jeans person but it's such a hassle for me to look for the PERFECT jeans - and now I am a tights person (tights almost 24/7)

    HOWEVER, one of my biggest pet peeves is girls who wears STOCKINGS as tights and their panties are so visible =.="

  47. Awh this looks really sweet and the hat looks really cute xx

  48. I've been reading your posts for a long time but this is the first time i comment!

    you inspired me too much! your clothes are so stylsih and also cheap!

    i hate that the spanish primark don't have everything of english prmarks aggg

    okay, so keep with this great blog!

    and sorry, i dont speak english very well :S

    kisses, sara!


    You are so pretty too xx

  49. i am in love with this look! especially because it involes stripes!!! <3

    gem x

  50. Good old Primark :D Love th look gal, yoou look lovely the hat gives ur outfit a bit of an edge :D

  51. Love the mix: navy + red lips.
    The hat is awesome :)

  52. I definitely have a trouser/jeans/even leggings problem. Apart from with my pyjama bottoms - I love those.

    I only ever wear skirts and dresses, with black tights or bare legs. I ran into so many problems when I went to Florida to do the proper Disney and Universal holiday at Easter. I could hardly go to the theme parks in skirts because I'd not be able to go on any rides without a bit of exposure! I got two pairs of shorts that I kept washing and changing for the better part of the two weeks, but I wasn't really happy.

    I think I've got a fat legs complex. In my head, tights make my legs look ten times better.


  53. Brilliant! Love that you're "doing a Jen"! That top is great, I'm still on the search for a perfect breton top for me!

  54. Hi... i LOVE your blog
    im trying to start one of my own and i want a simple template, white background, large, bold centered black header... but blogger sucks at templates and adjusting them.

    PLEASE can u tell me what you did or where you got your template from

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  55. you look amazing, as usual! such a great tribute to jen. lovely ♥

  56. I love the Jen-inspired look.
    I have major issues with jeans/trousers...the only pair of trousers I own are the ones I wear to the gym! I have a pair of jeggings but I refuse to class them as trousers. I'm really short so finding jeans that would fit be properly would take far too much effort and I'm far happier in skirts and shorts. x

  57. Great Jen outfit. The jeggeings look great on you!

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