Thursday, August 05, 2010

the leathers


top: new look
shorts: primark
rings: matalan + primark
nails: Barry M 150 red glitter

Today was a day to bring the leather shorts out, Not that I've done much today apart from clean my bedroom, reply to about 1000 million emails, sort some projects out I'm working on and pick my mum up from work. These are actually last season sale buys from Primark, and YES they are real leather. I bought them for £3 marked down from £20. I love that about Primark, obscure, yet fashion forward things don't tend to sell, So they are always marked down! I had a feeling they would be "in" this A/W thanks to Alexa Chung wearing them multiple times and fashion bloggers like Queen Michelle, Rumi and Karla sporting them too. I thought I'd go for a more lazy look today though and pair with a slouchy top & a black blazer! Cant wait to wear these badboys in the winter with thick socks and warm cardigans! These are possibly one of my favourite sale purchases! Not to big myself up, But I love the way my legs are looking at the moment! Even though these are a little too short shorts to be honest, I couldn't resist flaunting! This time last year I would NEVER have got my legs out, and now I don't want to hide them away! Ombre hair + Leather shorts must mean I'm turning into Alexa *crosses fingers*

Decided against going to The Big Chill festival this weekend. Sadface indeed. I really wanted to go, but I have so little money at the moment, Plus I've got a health and safety induction at New Look on Sunday, and supposed to be covering a few hours at my old job over the weekend. I feel as though I should do a ~festival inspired~ look at some point over the next few days. The last festival I went to was well over 3 years ago, and to be honest, when I was there all I wore was sundresses and a furry gilet. I never wear wellies at festivals, I think they look crap, and unless it really is 5 feet of mud I really don't see the point. Maybe I've been lucky and just managed to only go to festivals that don't require wellies! I hate going to festivals and seeing girls in the boiling sun rocking wellies, Why would you make your feet unnecessarily more smelly?

I got interviewed over on the N.E.E.T Blog! You can read the interview here! I only got linked to the website the other day and I think I'm in love! The whole aesthetic of the N.E.E.T blog is just so beautifully done and put together. Its one of those really art and design driven blogs (Like I like to think my own is but this is what I mostly fail at!). I'm currently reading back over all of the posts on the blog, So much good stuff! They have an online magazine too which is equally as sweet! I'll be doing a post in the next week of my favourite online magazines, So if you have any link me!



  1. ohmygossssh,.

    i lovelovelovelove your shirt! hahaha.

    you look gorgeous as always :)

  2. you ALWAYS get it right :)I loovveee this outfitt x

  3. I bought the same nail polish as you a few weeks ago and love it but it is a nightmare to get off, just to warn you! It took me about half an hour for each hand. I want to wear it again but i cant face taking it off! xxx

  4. Love those shorts. What an awesome bargain!

    I love festivals and also love wellies but I agree about the girls who wear them in boiling sun. People were wearing them at Glastonbury this year and it was 34 degrees! Ridic!

  5. I've only ever taken wellies to festivals, but I've only been to two and they both had an insane mud situation which rendered any other type of shoe useless.
    Love the shorts, such a steal! Need a trip to Primark, it's good if you go on a weekday morning.
    I have that nail polish too, and as awesome as it looks it's a nightmare to remove haha x

  6. The shorts are amazing!! And only £3 is such a bargain. Looking great as ever! x

  7. eva: thank you!

    krissy: haha i dont think I always get it right, i did have to search for the right tee to go with the shorts, it took me about 5 tops before settling on this one!

    megan: i once did it on my natural nails without a basecoat and it was horrific to get off! i put it on some false press on nails so it wont be too hard to get off thank god!

    helen: I know! i was like seriously! you wanna smell more? i think its mildy acceptable when its actually welly weather but surely another less sweaty shoe would be more comfortable!

  8. sarah (i did a little stalking to find that out because its not on your page, so i hope its right!): gosh i know what you mean about primark, i will only go on a weekday morning unless i really have to. its too jumble sale if you go on a weekend afternoon!

    eleanor: I know! my mum actually found them and said "i saw these and thought of you" i was like okkk, but I love them and so cheap!

  9. You worked hard for those legs! It's okay to be proud of them and flaunt them. 6K a workout is nothing to be scoffed at.

  10. Love this look on you sweets :)

    I wish I had the confidence to wear 'short' shorts hehe .. My skin is just sooo pale and evem with fake tan I never feel right.. I leave them for my hols :(


  11. OMG you look gorgeous girl! Any your legs do look fab! (Yes, I am aware I sound like a pervy old man, I promise I'm not!!)

    Maria xxx

  12. Hi

    Your shorts are effortlessly gorgeous !

    Im a bit scared of short shorts, even when i pair mine with tights
    :( lol

    Im a new follower btw =)


  13. Those primark shorts are incredible *steals*

  14. wow i love your nailpolish. this colour is fantastic

  15. you are looking fersosh! love the leather look! i do wish that my legs were like yours!

  16. those shorts were SUCH a good buy! I'm sure you know that already, but £3!? Seriously!? Leather short-shorts are definitely on my fall/winter wish list. This is such a lovely relaxed but still on-trend look. X

  17. I love those shorts, you pull them off so well!
    That Barry M glitter polish is one of my favourites ever, I'm wearing it today too :)

  18. I love the shorts, and yes your legs are looking fab and you deserve to show them off!
    I was so grateful for my wellies at V 08 (I sound like a Grandma reminiscing haha), it was verging on glasto mud levels!

  19. major love for your shorts babe <3
    and real leather for only 3?!
    no frekin' way. so awesome x

  20. Your outfit is amazing!!

    And I love your posts so much!! And of course your blog.


  21. I have a pair of red wellies that I love but I mostly just wear them when it snows/floods or on muddy walks with the dogs. I don't like the shorts with wellies look, it looksa bit silly to me. I always have to wear them with jeans tucked in.

  22. Le moustache est magnifique!!!I'm sure I have a moustache necklace somewhere! :D

  23. Just read your N.E.E.T interview you came across really well, I'd ignore the stupid comment that someone left. Americans (I should probably say nearly all) are always as never on trend as people in the UK, having your hair and nails did and dressing nicely is the norm here.

    On another note, I come from Ludlow too! I think you're the only person I've ever found online who's from there, although I moved away a few years ago for uni.

  24. WOW, those shorts are from Primark?? They're LUSH.

    It's full of suprises these days. Love your jesus bracelet too.

  25. Gotta flaunt what you have=P You look amazing, as always :)


  26. cutest shirt ever! and love the red nails. looks awesome!


  27. I have same leafy ring, Lily:] I really love it. and I checked N.E.E.T blog! you are so cute~!

  28. I love all your bracelets, my dear, and you are beautiful! :)

    Speaking of online magazine, I write for one! Check it out: :)

  29. Oh! I forgot to mention, we're in the middle of revamping our site, so you could just go here to check out the issues. :) Sorry about that!

  30. The shorts are so cute! And the t-shirt too :D

  31. Aww, love the look! The red nails fit perfect to the black and white outfit!

  32. i love this look. i'm pulling out a gok wan on you here lily: 'you look HOT to TROT!' aha xx

  33. Haha I wanted to go to Big Chill too, I even moaned about it in my latest post, but nevermind I suppose I can hear the rave reviews from my friends that were lucky enough to go... love your outfit very much.

  34. The shorts! Love them, cannot believe there from primark, talk about a bargain :) x

  35. Amazing outfit!
    I saw it on Chictopica!
    And I'm following you NOW:D! c

  36. You are gorgeous and amazing and I'm adding you to my blogroll! PS- Who did your layout? LOVE IT!

  37. the shirt makes me smile :)

  38. I'm just officially in love with your nail polish, I'm abit of a nail varnish addict myself, can't resist the bright colours.
    You look amazing in the leather shorts, i'm not sure if i could pull them off.
    Love you blog.

    Becca x

  39. "LLYMLRS is a normal blog for normal girls, with obtainable clothes and normal lifestyle. It’s just real and not like some fashion blogs who are like ” This is 24 pictures of me, walking down the street in a $500 vintage designer dress with my new Balenciaga handbag, just holding my latte…”.
    Your words and so true and one of the reason why I love your Blog <3

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