ok so i thought it was sunday today, so posted this on saturday, gonna keep it up anyway!

001. First and foremost, I want to say thanks to everyone who commented on the Faux (Because Claire was right faux sounds more acceptable!) bag post I did a few days ago. Reading everyones thought on something which is really quite hush-hush was really interesting. Those who talked and linked me to stories about the whole industry has got me really thinking about the whole thing!

002. Secondly, Hello new followers! Where have to all come from? I've nearly hit the 800 mark on Blogger, and then I've got a fair few via Bloglovin' too! And if you just follow via RSS, or even via some other blog reader I don't know about. Thank you so much! Makes me so happy seeing that little number tick up. Even though Im not in this for the numbers, they do make me smile!

003. Im having UK withdrawal symptoms. Give me a cup of tea and a sausage sandwich pleaseeee!

004. I'm going to be opening one of those "shop llymlrs's wardrobe" type things when I get back. I'm hoping to not stock it with junk no one would ever buy or wear. I see far too many people trying to sell stuff on that just wouldn't sell. It will mainly be clothes I don't wear enough or get enough love out of! Ill also be putting up some makeup, accessories, bags, rings, necklaces, shoes and whatnot! Ill probably be putting up about 50% of my MAC shadows, I've got about 60-70 and I only wear the shadows in one palette and maybe a few more, as much as I dont want to see them go I need to make some money!

005. Short but kinda sweet this week. I'm doing a outfit post tomorrow, and then a want post featuring Models Own nail polishes, which should tide me over till I'm back on Wednesday morning! Haven't I been a good blogger while Im away! Im either crazy or just really bored haha!